Sunday, January 3, 2016

Things I'm Thinking About: For the Love of....

I'm thinking it might be time for a name change for this blog.
Do you have any suggestions?
Right now, 
all I'm thinking about is a shortened form of the name:

Since I haven't been able to torch for the last couple of years,
I seem to have strayed away from writing more about beads.
Life has been chaos, 
I've had to live away from my home for long periods of time, so
I have been forced to focus on other forms of art, not just handmade, lampwork glass beads.

This has been a blessing in disguise.
It's been rough, but what doesn't kill you...
So, I think I'd like to expand the focus of this blog a bit.
Beads will always be here.

The other thing I'm thinking about now is a nap.
This  virus, which has knocked me flat since two weeks after Thanksgiving, is still with me.
I'm tired. 
A nap sounds great right about now.
Talk to you later.

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