Sunday, March 20, 2016

Catchin Up a Little Bit....

You know the phrase,
"Life happens,"
well, for me, it did.
Between trips to the vet and to my doctors,
Pixie and I have been busy.
I've never appreciated, until now.
the pan of arthritis,
degenerative arthritis.
Now, I understand, and I wonder how those, who suffer from this disease, function.
I appreciate their example and fortitude.
In the last two weeks, I've learned a lot.
I see Pixie, and I now know that when she becomes very quiet,
she's in pain.
I've learned that when she does not meet me at the door when I arrive at home,
she's in pain.
I've learned that when she prefers to lay on the floor, rather than the couch, it makes her feel better.
Right now, the pain medications are working and helping her.
This makes me very happy because, 
soon, we will be looking at life and death decisions for her.
This thought breaks my heart.
I have to learn to look at the joy she brings us, and, the fact that she has had a good life with me.
I have to look at the fact that she's 11.  She's old!  In human years, she's 87.
Her work on earth might be over soon, but she's done a good job.
She still brings people happiness.
So, as long as, she's not in a lot of pain, 
she's still happy and eating her ice cream,
we'll avoid the decisions we don't want to make.
 I've also decided I have to make a decision about this blog.
At times, I have, literally, run out of ideas.
I hit writer's block.
That's another reason I've been gone for so long.
What to do?
Do I stay or do I go?
Truthfully, I'm still not sure.
For now, I plan to use this blog to improve my photos and writing.
I'll work to make this blog interesting.
I'll share parts about my life.
Of course, I'll share adventures of Pixie.
Today is the first full day of spring.
Yesterday, I saw the first robins.  That means we are headed towards the warmer weather.
Seasons change, but keep me warm, and we'll all be happy!
Now, if, after all that rhetoric, you're still with me,
we'll talk.
Thanks for reading the ramblings of my mind today.
Happy Spring!

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