Thursday, March 24, 2016

My Journal List That Prepares Me for Easter

  • Review the invite list for lunch on Sunday.
  • Go to Cub Foods and buy a spiral ham.
  • Cook ham Sunday morning
  • Be on time for Church Sunday morning
  • Make potatoes
  • Pull out the Easter decorations
  • Decorate the tables
  • Use cloth napkins
  • Use nice dishes
  • Use good silverware
  • Wash before setting table
  • Fill baskets
  • Buy candy
  • Make sure to buy Peeps
  • Desert - Roast Peeps and dip in chocolate for desert
  • Drink a glass of wine
  • Kick off my shoes
  • Make sure socks don't have holes
  • Make lunch reservations since I didn't buy a ham
  • Have everyone meet at the restaurant 
  • Sit down and rest now.

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