Tuesday, March 1, 2016

The Dollar Store Loot

You see the two bags called:  The Loot.  
It's all from the Dollar Store.
Now, here's what I made with the Loot.
I put the solar lights in mason jars to charge them so that when the ground is 
yes, it's still frozen here,
they will glow in spring and light the way in my front yard.

I took one of the grapevine wreaths, the smaller of the two, and I added a polymer clay cross with the symbol of the Sacred Heart at the center of the cross, and I glued it on the wreath.
I made tiny flowers and leaves.  The red flowers symbolize the blood that Jesus shed while on His cross.

I used the bigger grapevine wreath to make an Easter wreath for my door.  
I used three of the solar lights on the wreath.  They aren't charged yet, but I am hoping that they will glow in the dark.
I made the wreath by wrapping some decorative pink mesh around the wreath.  I covered that with pink and white garland that was covered with eggs and bunnies. 
That wreath is hanging on the front door to welcome visitors.

I took the brightly colored Easter Eggs that I had planned to put on my wreaths, but I didn't have room to do that, in a jar for the table.
I tried to make a nest with the extra garland, but I couldn't, so, the garland went on the tree in the bay window.  
There's still a lot of extra mesh.  I'm not sure how I'm going to use it, but, it's pink, and I will find a use.

So, what do you think?
I think it was fun.
I'm not crazy about the crafts I've seen for using Dollar store items, but these were fun.

Next journey, on a good day, will be a journey through the thrift store.
What do you like best about the dollar store?
Would you rather shop a thrift store or dollar store?

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