Sunday, April 10, 2016

5 Reasons to Embrace Silence and 5 ways to turn off the noise

Our world today is noisy at best.
You go to the mall.
You turn on TV.
You attend a soccer game.
You turn on your device.
What do you hear?
Some of the noise is more pleasant than other noise, 
but, it is noise.
Quiet time is almost non-existent.
With noise intruding into our world,
it would be nice to hear less of it.
At least, I think so.
No more white noise.
No more loud noise.
Well, that's impossible, but
we can reduce the noise we have and embrace

1) Silence provides us time for regeneration and restoration.  Studies have shown that 2 hours of silence a day, (I know) improves cognitive and motor functions.  During times of silence, we grow new synapses and brain cells.

2) Silence provides us with a sense of peace that we cannot feel when the noise is blaring around us, even, white noise.

3) Silence allows us shut off the world around us.  When the world doesn't intrude, we can rest our minds and hearts.

4)  Silence allows the flow of new ideas into our brains.  When we are not distracted, we can think more easily. The distractions are few.  

5) Silence allows us to hear what is going on around us.  I just heard a train on the other side of town as it travels through our city.

These are all well and good, but how to we turn off the noise?
It's not easy.  If you are the parent of young children, you know that when things get quiet, it's time to find the kids and see what's going on.  That's a given.
However, as the parent of young children, you can have quiet time where everyone rests for 10-15 minutes without talking or crying.  It's good to get them used to quiet times when they are young.
Sometimes, even when it's noisy, you just have to secure the house, then go into the bathroom and shut the door.  Hopefully, you'll find some quiet time that way.

2) Turn off the TV, the electronic devices, anything that makes noise, and leave them off!
It's hard to do, but you won't regret it.  I'm a TV junkie.  I use it for white noise.  It takes discipline for me to turn off the tube, and, at times, the silence is deafening, but I feel better, now, when I have silence.

3) Go for a walk without a device on which to listen to music.  Savor the sounds you hear outdoors.  
Don't talk to anyone except to say Hello and smile.  Savor the silence of the outdoors.

4) Go to a church that is open.  Be reverent while you are there.  Sit in a quiet spot and savor the silence inside.

5) Read a book.   Read a magazine.  Just read.  Go into the world of the story, and the noise will be less distracting.  

I'm sure you have many more ideas.  What would you suggest to tone down the noise and embrace the silence?


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Loris Glassworks said...

I go outside and rest in the hammock for 30 minutes or longer. It's so relaxing! We are moving to the mountains soon, I'm sure the hammock will get a lot of use there.
Lori in Atlanta