Thursday, April 7, 2016


The street I grew up on was very similar to this street, except that there wasn't much grass in the yards.  Usually grass was replaced with gravel or rocks.
Trust me, there were plenty of rocks!
The trees were the kinds that could survive in a hot, desert climate.
There weren't many trees on our block.
The street I grew up on was straight, not curvy.
This street has so many curves!
We knew our neighbors back then.
Luckily, on this street, there is a nice community of friends.
The streets were all paved where I grew up, and they were hot in the summer time when we walked without shoes where ever we went.
The streets were lined with lizards back home.
I don't think I've ever seen a lizard on this street.
The pavement is hot in the summer time, but now I wear my sandals to walk.
I stepped on a bee once, and I am allergic, so better safe than sorry.
I used to think all streets were the same, but they're not.
They might be the beginning of a road or a path, but streets are streets.
There are different faces on each street.  There are different cars that traverse the street.
A street where no one lives or walks or drives cannot be called a street.
Luckily, I have lived on many streets that team with life!
What about your street?
What's it like?

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