Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Worth Repeating: Random Questions: The election

This post is not that old, but it's nice to be old, because you don't have to care.

Normally, I refrain from commenting, but this year, 
I'm older and I don't care.
Why does Hilary yell so much?
Why does Bernie think he'll be President?
Why don't people like Ted?
Why is the the Donald, the Donald?
Why don't people realize that if something is illegal, they really should care?
Why do people think that, because someone says they didn't do it, but the evidence is there, that
maybe, they did commit the illegal act?
When someone says, "I really like the evangelicals.  I have my mother's bible," do people ignore the obvious.  That's just not true?
Why is it popular to be a "progressive" when that term  means nothing?
Why do people call abortion "Health care," when it's not?
Why is our society embracing lies, deceit, and corruption in our politicians?
How can we make it better?

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