Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Thoughts on Making Summer Jewelry

That's what I did this weekend.
I made summer jewelry this weekend.
I opted for simple designs 
using thin leather as cord 
polymer clay beads.
I used a sliding knot for a closure.

Easy, peasy.

My favorite necklace is the first one with the large beads.
They are hollow, except for the pendant.
The pendant was made with my first kaleidoscope cane.
I've never made a kaleidoscope cane before.
It was an interesting proceess.
I followed the examples I found on Pinterest,
and added my own bits and pieces.

The hollow beads are truly hollow and huge!  I thought they'd be lighter than they are, but for that size of bead, they are light.

The other two necklaces have other components including some funky flowers. 
There was no pattern for these, only imagination and simple cane work.
I also made some large spacer beads with dots.  

I wish the weather were warmer now.
We are having early March weather now in April with a lot of cold wind.
I'm also anxious to wear my new jewelry
in the warm air of spring.

Oh, and see the little things that look like carrots at the bottom of picture 3?
They aren't carrots.
They are chile peppers.

What are you making for summer jewelry?
If you're buying instead of making jewelry, what are you buying?

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