Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Another Glassy Friend-Anne Ricketts!

I first met Anne at the Gathering in Minneapolis in 2007. I was able to take a class from her. Not only was it a great class, but it was so much fun, and Anne was the reason for each of those things. I learned a lot in that class, and, I became a better bead maker. Now, enjoy Anne's answers to my questions.
1. Please give us a short biography of yourself.
Hi, I'm Anne Ricketts and I'm a beadaholic! I'm actually a lot of "aholics" all rolled into one because I love creating things whether it's making beads or knitting or quilting, etc. I've been creating some sort of art my whole life and I don't see me stopping anytime soon! I live just outside of Austin TX with my husband David and our two sons, Austin and Cameron. We have two older children and a grandson, Chris and Amanda and Kenison and they live in Louisiana. I have lived most of my life all over TX except for the 6 years I lived up in WA state where I went to high school. I hope to move back there one of these years!
2.What is or has been the greatest influence on your art?
Fabrics and my imagination. I was an avid quilter for 13 years and some of the patterns I use in my beadmaking come from fabric patterns. I love abstract art also and that's where the imagination comes in.
3. If you could go anywhere at anytime, where would you go and why?
WA state to see my family and Murano Italy to drool over all the glass or on a African safari for more inspiration!
4. Earth, Wind, Fire, or Water--Which are you and why?
I never have really thought about this but I think I'm a little of each! Earth because I love nature and flowers, Wind because my mind wanders like the wind, Fire, because I love to work with the flame and Water because I love the ocean and rivers!
5. If it's true that art reflects life, how does your art reflect your life?
I know a lot of beadmakers that only focus on certain styles but I do a lot of different styles of beads. My artwork comes from being ADD. Because of this, I can't focus that much on one thing, I'm always thinking ahead for the next step! That's kind of how my life is, always planning ahead for the next thing and trying to cope with it when it gets here!
6. What is your greatest treasure? Why?
My family! Everything I do in life is for them and in return they keep me on my toes, give back to me love, laughter and happiness!
7) What is your greatest accomplishment? Why?
Becoming a mother first then being published and becoming an instructor. I was like butterfly in life for the longest time, flying here and there, never really landing until I got married and had children. That was my dream come true but then glass came into my life and I felt I needed to accomplish more in life, that's why I became an instructor, because I love to teach what I have learned. Being published in two Bead Reviews was just the icing on the cake!
Many of us melt glass to relax, how do you relax?
I knit or crochet while I watch tv. I'll be taking Bronwen Heilmen's metal class in Oct. so hopefully I'll be doing that as well to relax, or get my frustrations out! LOL! Never was a big reader!


angelinabeadalina said...

I don't think there is anything that Anne doesn't know how to do! Mallory, you must have had the best time in Anne's class. The Detail G-Mama makes some spectacular beads, and she always seems to have such a sunny disposition :)

Studio Marcy - Marcy Lamberson said...

Oh, I would love to take a class from Anne too. Enjoyed the interview so much and Mallory, I love the look of your blog. It's so pretty.