Monday, May 4, 2009

The Coiling Gizmo

I've had my Coiling Gizmo for over a year now, but I've only used it in a very limited way.
I learned how to make coils using my Gizmo.
I knew I had seen videos that explained how to make other types of beads with the Gizmo.
The Gizmo did some with directions,
directions and me don't do well together.
I continued to Google my tool.
It wasn't until today that I realized I was googling the wrong name.
No wonder I couldn't find the videos.
When you google the correct name,
You find the videos.
I watched the videos,
guess what!
I played all afternoon with my
Coiling Gizmo
look what I did!
This is what the Coiling Gizmo looks like.
It has 2 mandrels.
You only see one.
That's the bigger of the two mandrels.
Not only that,
it's easy to use.

These are spacers are made from the simple coiled wire I had been doing for a while.
Now the fun begins!
These are coiled beads made from the simple coiled wires.

Aren't these beads amazing?
I played all afternoon, too!
Now, how fun is that?


angelinabeadalina said...

Cool coils! Especially love the beads! Now I feel like sneaking wire and some round rods to school with me today so I can try it...better not, though.

Deb said...

Ohh you are making such good use of it Mallory.

Beautiful wire coils & beads!
I'm ashamed to say that mine has been packed away 'somewhere' for about 3 years....along with a wirejig thingy purchased around the same time.

Sue Choppers-Wife / said...

those are pretty cool..I like the last photo of just coiled wire beads too :)