Saturday, May 9, 2009

Crystalflipz aka Carol Oliver

Carol is a Mom, and advocate, and a fantastic lampwork bead artist. Carol and I "met", a few years ago, on the Lampworketc forums. We participated in some exchanges together, and it was always a wonderful treat to receive some of Carol's beads for my exchange beads.

Carol is a busy lady. She's got a store on Etsy, a 1000Markets Store, a web page, and, at times, is on da bay. Carol is also an advocate for those who are diagnosed as being on the autism/asperger's spectrum. When you look at Carol's stores and her web page, you begin to understand who she is. She's a mom. She's an advocate. She's a lampwork bead artist. Be sure to read her story and the story of her son in the beautiful jewelry she creates for awareness.
Aren't these earrings amazing! Her story is even more amazing!

Carol is doing some amazing things with shards. Those of you who know me know that I am truly a shard junkie. Today, I received something that, literally, made my jaw drop. Carol gifted me with some of her hand blown dichroic shards that she features in her Etsy Store. Oh, my! All I could think of is: Why does it have to be Mother's Day this weekend? Why do the kids feel that they need to come home? Don't they know I want to play with my new shards? They area beautiful!
More to follow once Mother's Day is over. Then, I'll be able to play with my shards. Thank you, Carol!

Can you tell what these are? They are dichroic stringers that Carol has in her Etsy Shop. She is doing some fantastic things with glass these days. Oh, my goodness! Carol, how do you do it all!

This shop review would not be complete without showing you, at least, one of Carol's beads. Isn't this stunning! Just remember to check out Carol's 1000Markets store, too. I didn't steal any photos from there, so you'll just have to visit it yourself. Like I always say, you won't be disappointed!

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