Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Fish That Didn't Get Away

This photo doesn't do this fish justice! It's really one of my favorite fish ever! It's a base of white encased in transparent green accented with teal, sky blue, and medium transparent purple.

I was getting ready to list this fish. I had wire wrapped it, added pearls, and a bit of sparkly glass crystal. A steel choker turned the pendant into a necklace.

Then I saw it! The reason why this fish is the one that didn't get away.

See the crack that runs from his lips to his tail?

I know, he just didn't want to leave home! When you're pooping pearls, you have to be happy!


Deb said...

ROFL - pooping pearls!
(kinda sounds like my verbal diarrhoea at times - perhaps I poop pearls of wisdom???....probably not!)

Such a shame about the crack - but do you know Mallory - I have a feeling he wanted to stay with his creator as much as she wanted to keep him.

He's gorgeous :o)

gaffergirls.com said...

good morn.. :)
your support means the world to us

beautiful beads...
have a sunny week
mona & the girls

angelinabeadalina said...

"When you're pooping pearls, you have to be happy!" Heehee, I just knew Deb would comment on that one, too! I really like all the blues in that fishie-- looks like a recipe for another torching session!