Thursday, May 28, 2009

To Etch or Not To Etch

The debate rages on: Do you etch your beads or not? Some people feel that every bead they make should be etched, at least, given a light etch so that the bead can be photographed without a glare. Others feel that not a single bead should be etched. Some feel that the only reason to etch a bead is to save it.

For our non glassy readers, to etch a bead means to put that bead in a solution or rub it with a cream to take the shine off of the bead.

I used to be a person who felt that no bead needed to be etched until...I had a bead that might be saved if it was etched. I did, and it was beautiful!

Now, there are times when I do like to etch a bead. Organic beads, I feel, look good etched. See the little orange and ivory nugget on the top right and bottom left. I do like the look of the organic etched. See the two beads where the white is encased in a transparent color? I think that etching makes the bead appear to glow from the inside. I like that look. See the blue bead? That little nugget seems to have an inner glow. I like the look better than the unetched beads on the upper right.

What do you think? To etch or not?


Louise said...

I agree Mallory, some beads look even better when they are etched. I know I've had a few that I didn't like and when I etched them they turned out to be quite stunning.

Some beads are better shiny - and it's all a matter of personal taste :o)

kelleysbeads said...

I like both, although the etched beads are so much easier to photograph. One bonus that I like is that sometimes the etching process removes reduction marks on the the beads. Score!

belvedere beads said...

I usually only etch if the bead is really ugly in an attempt to save it. Having said that, I am working on a set of beads that the plan from the very beginning has been to etch them. Never etch? always etch? In my opinion the fewer rules the better.

angelinabeadalina said...

I love the glow of a transparent that has been etched. That being said, I quit etching very many beads quite a while ago. . .I think I fell in love again with the shiny texture for a while. Ummm, that's just it, though, "for a while". Etching is one of those wonderful phases that comes and goes at just the right times for me. Oh, and the orange and ivory is so pretty etched!! said...

hi Mallory..
I love the look of the etched bead
it makes it seem so casual..
guess I'm a jeans and t-hirt kinda gal..
have a sunny weekend..
mona & the girls

Studio Marcy - Marcy Lamberson said...

loving the etch!

rosemarie h. said...

I usually don"t etch my beads, but only because by the time that I get them off from the mandrel and cleaned, I want to be done with them!

I do think that many of the transparent color just POP when they are etched. Hmmmm, that gives me an idea.... I think I'll make some of my silvered ivory bicones on a transparent base and then etch them.

My word verification to post this is "sesseep". Maybe I should call them sesseep beads. Nah - *I* couldn't even remember that!