Monday, January 24, 2011

Wanna' See Some Pretty Beads and something sort of new?

I can truly say, I LOVE THESE BEADS!!!!!
I just listed them in my Etsy store.
They remind me of Red Velvet.
Check them out here.

I call these beads Gentle Whisps!
See the soft cane that I used on the sides of these beads.
These "spacers" are really good sized.
I think they'd have many good uses!

I think frit adds a lot of detail to beads.
I found this frit in a box that I had hidden on the floor.
I tried it, and I love it!
You can see more views of these beads here.
I think these beads would make a great bracelet.

These nuggets are rainbow colored.
They are beautiful, too.
This type of bead is one of my favorites to make.
They seem to glow from within.
Wouldn't these make great components in a necklace?
Hmmmmmmm. Now, my mind is going.
Life IS what happen s...
I did this on purpose.
Life is what happen s.
Nothing is perfect.
Life isn't perfect.
Take a peek!
This charm is sort of new.


Clayworks by Lisa Boucher said...

Awesome new beads! The red ones do have a frosted look to them. Perfect for Valentine' Day! :)

Jennifer Cameron said...

I love the red velvet and the nuggets too! The s separate from happen is a cute idea ;o)

Christina Lloyd said...

I love em! Someone has caught the etching bug. The colored etched ones look like sweet tarts. Do you remember those :) Your charm is cute as can be :)

Mags said...

Oh my, I'm too slow! If you ever make new red velvets, I'd like a couple ;-D

Beadwright said...

Great beads. You are right. I was brought up to know that the only perfect one is Earth Maker.

rosebud101 said...

Mags, I hope to be making more of the red ones when I start to feel better. I haven't been sick in ages, but I am sick now. I won't be torching until I feel better. I'll let you know.

Mags said...

Thank you, and take care <3

Manuela said...

Mallory dear, take care, I am sending a big hug and hope you will feel soon better.

Lots of pretty goodies, it seems that you never sleep ☺.

♥ Manuela

Samma said...

OH...I love those blue pretty! Samma