Saturday, January 29, 2011

So, Besides Cucumbers, Do You Add Pickle To Your Glass?

Pickle is such an interesting concept when it comes to glass rods. When I used to think in a single dimension about glass, I used to think that a pickle is the result of what happens when you add vinegar and spices to a cleaned vegetable, usually a cucumber, allowed the mixture to process and ferment, then, after a time, a sealed jar was opened, and the result was a pickle.

Then I began to grow a bit. I learned that the term "Pickle" could also be applied to a mixture into which you placed your metal work to clean it. This pickle was always warm, and it took off fire scale.

Then, I began to grow again. I read a thread on Lampworketc in which the question was asked, "Has anyone tried pickling clear glass?" You can check that out here.
Pickle, I thought, hmmmmmm? I posed that same question to other people who melted glass.
Some people responded that they always cleaned their glass, but no one had tried to add pickle to their glass.

As it turned out, I received an order of glass that day. Before the glass went downstairs, it went into the dishwasher. Now, I haven't tried to pickle my glass yet, but I do clean it with a spray bottle of alcohol. I think I will, eventually, but I haven't done that yet. I will let you know what happens.

So, what do you do? Do you pickle? What are your results? Is it worth the effort or not? I'm interested in hearing.


Darlene for Pendragonfyre Designs said...

I have been reading about it alot myself since it was first posted on the Frantz blog... Apparently it is wonderful for clear glass to reduce the scummy bubbles on the rod that muss with encasing. It cleans out all the tiny stratches on the rod and gives to a super clean one to work with.
I encase with clear stringer for many of my beads, so these seem to work well without pickling. I pinch off a small end of each newly melted stringer to remove the cut line and the rest seems to be scum free.
I may try it someday, but in the midst of winter, not on my priority list of activities... or maybe I am just lazy in all this Eastern Canadian snow!

susanlambert said...

yes it works great! I can't remember who taught that in a class. Dustin Tabor? or Larry Scott. They use a tall bottle like they type you store spaghetti in and leave the glass in it with the pickle. they don't heat it.

Sharon Driscoll said...

It was Tabor who left his in Alcohol to clean it in a tupperware container. I think I still have some soaking. Does it make a difference - that depends on whether or not you snip the end - watch for bubbles - and so on. Pickle? I guess you could but how much is your time worth - Double Helix seconds are mighty clear without the fuss.

Emakaye said...

I think I just pickled my glass. Recently I read a blog about cleaning your clear glass with dish soap and vinegar. Now I have been having some terrible trouble with my clear glass scumming as of late. Washing it with this recipe WORKED! I am thrilled with it. So yes...pickle your glass.

Jesse said...

Hi Mallory

I found this newsletter post about pickling glass rods that I thought you would find interesting

I have about decided to learn to lampwork...I think its time to learn a new craft