Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Art At Mayo Clinic

In spite of the fact that it was a very busy day,
there were those moments when we stopped to enjoy
some of the fabulous art here at Mayo Clinic.
It seems that you can miss these great works of art, if your thoughts are elsewhere.
Sometimes, you just stumble upon it.
So, get ready,
this is very picture heavy!
This is a Dale Chuhily sculpture.
It hangs at the top of one of the floors at Mayo.
I love this!
Here's another view of it!
You feel like you can reach out and touch it!
I can't imagine dusting all of that glass!

This is another Chihuly!
Isn't it beautiful?
My camera did not capture the true beauty of this work.
As you walk through the halls between appointments,
you walk past walls
full of pictures
little expositions of encased art.
Man and Freedom
Ivan Mestrovik
hangs in the Mayo building.
He is, of course, a tall sculpture.
He hangs near the ceiling
and he's an over powering figure in the lobby.
Adorning one wall between buildings
is an entire collection of Andy Warhol paintings.
I love this Warhol Rhino!
Don't you just love this Baboon?
This butterfly is gorgeous!
This is one AMAZING wall!
Even as you walk between buildings and appointments,
there are small displays of beautiful art!
I call this unknown, because I didn't record the artist who made this.
Here's another view of this piece.
You walk a little farther, and you find...
this sculpture.
Isn't it great.
I called it A Walking Ballet.
That's not the true title,
I don't know the artist, but
I remember the title of this was "Shell."
I don't know the artist,
but it was stunning!
These sailboats were on the wall where Jenny had an appointment.
I call this Mixed Media, and it was in a lounge where we waited.

I've skimmed over so much of the art.
I'll try to post more photos as time goes on.
I was so impressed with these amazing pieces.
If you have to be here,
it's worth the trip to see the art.


kelleysbeads said...

Todd's Mom worked at Mayo (she just retired this past July) and I always loved walking through the buildings and skyways because of the art.

Evie's Tool Emporium said...

What a wonderful post! I grew up in Rochester, and the art is truly wonderful! Thank you for sharing!

Beadwright said...

Glad you had a few moments to take your mind off of everything else.
Thanks for sharing the art with us.