Thursday, January 27, 2011

Bead Table Wednesday on Thursday This week, Why?

Because I have a 'told. In case you are wondering, this bed, is my bead table unless I'm pounding on metal, then I add a small table to the side. (This has been a well kept secret for a long, long time.) This all works well and good for me. In the winter I'm warm. In the summer, I'm outside. When I make glass beads, I'm downstairs, but that's another story for another Bead Table Wednesday.

Heather Powers of Humble Beads started Bead Table Wednesday in her blog by showing us her beading table.
Now, I was tempted to show my lampwork beading area, but because of the mess, I didn't. Heather boldly stepped forward to show us her table. I wish my table looked so great. Now, at the moment this looks good, and the advantage of having a bead table on the bed is that you HAVE to clean it up whenever you use it. It's a necessity! However, when I am working overtime for a show or whatever, then it becomes more difficult to even want to clean up, but there is a need for a comfortable place to sleep at night. Even Pixie will move my things out of her way to sleep. Someday, I might find another place to bead. I do in the summer. It's wonderful to be outside! But with these short winter days, this is my bead table of choice, and I love it!

Now, where do you bead? Are you going to join us and show off your bead table next Wednesday? Come on, Show us your worktable!

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