Saturday, January 8, 2011

Work Word: Details

I am looking forward to actually being able to begin my work developing details in my beads.
As we walk the halls of Mayo Clinic and the areas around the clinic,
I have found many "details" I hope to duplicate, or use for inspiration, when I return home.
I honestly don't think I could duplicate them, but I can use them for inspiration in my work.
Here are a few of the ones I found in the fabric of carpets and chairs.

Carpet in the halls of the motel.
Look at the detailed work that would make for good stringer practice.
For my non glassy friends,
stringers are, literally, thin pieces of glass (strings) pulled from a larger rod.
Stringer control is one of those dreams for me!
Same carpet, different section.
More and more lines and patterns to use as details in my beads.
If I can accomplish these details, I will have developed excellent stringer control.
A patterned section of chair at the Mayo Clinic.
I can see the leaf being imprinted on a bead. I need to make a stamp for that.
Look at the subtle variations in color.
I can see these being dots that are melted then, using gravity, flowing into a subtle pattern of color.
More details.
Now, I'm starting to see them.
Look at these lines. Wouldn't lines and contrasting colors look great with dots in between.
I am seeing the details and being inspired now.
I only wish I had my torch and kiln.
A week to go, and I can make it.
I'm pulling out my sketch book and getting to work!
Let the evolution of detailed designs begin!

Now, my question to you is,
Can you use these details in your work?
How will you use them?


Kokopelli said...

I like the carpet in the first pic. Maybe that would work as a detail on an embroidered cuff. It has a kind of African feeling to it. Love the colors. I also like the regular pattern in the last picture, which would make for a nice beadwoven pattern.

Beadwright said...

I can see these lines in a lot of what I am doing now with leather. Let me think about this. Thanks for the challenge. I have a candle going for you