Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A Charming Adventure On Lampworketc

Deb Batten
and I have participated in many different exchanges on Lampworketc. As a matter of fact, that's how we "met" in Cyberspace. Since then, we have become good friends, and on some evenings, you will find us chatting away on Skype. You have to realize that Deb lives in Christchurch, New Zealand, and I live in Minnesota in the USA.

Through the years, our friendship has grown to the point, where one of us can start a sentence and the other one can finish it. Now, we do have a bit of confusions about this charm exchange. I said to Deb, "You had a great idea about this exchange." She said to me, "No, it was your idea." We aren't sure whose idea it was, but we both feel it was a good one. Our minds melded on this one.

Anyway, we, whoever "we" is, decided that a way to overcome the winter blahs here and the heat of the summer there, was to host a charm exchange on LE. The bracelet you see is mine, and it was from a previous exchange there. I don't remember who hosted this exchange, I just remember that it was fun. There was a lot of chatter in the thread, and I got to "know" a lot of people.

If you check here, you will learn more about our charm exchange. We are encouraging a lot of growth in a very supportive environment. Charms are not restricted to glass, and we encourage everyone to explore what they would like to do! Another great thing is that Deb just posted a fun Valentine related activity with prizes. You'll have to read the thread to find out what's going on because that's all I'm going to say.

So, hop on over to LE and check this out. I'm sorry, but our 50 openings are filled. Maybe there will be another one? We'll have to see what happens when our minds meld again.

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Pretty Things said...

Very cool -- I love collaboratives!