Thursday, May 5, 2011

Weekly Photo Challenge - Round

Last week we thought in lines,
this week the challenge is to think 
For example,
I love to make round, hollow beads!
They look great in jewelry, too!
Even tools can be round.  This is a sanding tool for my dremel.
Look at all the round shapes in tape!
You have the holder, the tape, and part of the container.
Even a spool of thread can be round!
Have you ever seen a ball that was not round?
I can even look at Pixie with my handmade, round lens.
What do you see that's round?


Manuela said...

Dear Mallory,

it seems that your energy and ideas are a never ending source to make me smile - love your post and round is that what most people seems to love - me too ☺

xxoxx Manuela

rosebud101 said...

Manuela, thank you for your lovely comments! You know how I love your work!