Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Bead Table Wednesday - The Charming Exchange & Another One, Too

She started it!
 Heather Powers, of course!

So, since you are reading this tomorrow,
I am writing this yesterday,
I'll show you what my bead table looked like yesterday.
 One table down and two to go!
I've been able to clean off one table for the charm exchange!
But here's what I have left!
Two tables to go!
 If you look at the right side bar, you'll notice a new badge!
The theme is play.
See my little fish?
People like to fish and that's play, isn't it?
One thing I forgot to tell you,
this charm exchange will also benefit Beads of Courage.
We are sending in one extra charm to be auctioned off for Beads of Courage.
Isn't that a great idea!
What a wonderful idea for an exchange, too!

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