Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Bead Table Wednesday: Yes, There Are Beads this week!

She started it!
 Heather Powers, of course!

So, since you are reading this tomorrow,
I am writing this yesterday,
I'll show you what my bead table looked like yesterday.
 In spite of the fact that I am not home, 
there really were beads on the table.
I wrote about my attempts at needle felting,
then I joined another charm exchange on Lampworketc.
Since I am not able to torch at DD's,
these little felted robins are going to be some of my charms for the exchange. 
I lined them up and showed them off as a sneak preview to the group in the exchange.
Inspired by Lorelei Eurto's work with tin,
and knowing that I could work with tin as I stay with Jenny,
I hit the thrift store and began to play with some tin.
Believe me, this is nothing like Lorelei does,
for me,
it's just play.
I cut some discs,
then I made some
bead caps 
lightweight tin earrings for summer.
I made these from an old tin of Hershey's Chocolate.
I wish the scent were still there!

When I was searching for tins, I happened to see this necklace at the thrift store.
I love it!  It's light weight and fun for the summer!
Last, but not least,
here's what else was on my table!
Yes, it's Walter.  He's so curious about everything!!!!
He just had to check out my bead table today!
So, what was on your bead table?

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Beadwright said...

busy busy busy. Everything looks great. Have a nice day today