Tuesday, May 17, 2011

If Hope Were A Color, What Color Would it Be?

Last week, on Facebook, I asked,
"If Hope were a color, what color would it be?"
I received some wonderful answers to this question.
Rainbow colors, pink, baby blue, greens, but one of the most interesting ones was:
Golden yellow, like the color of the morning.
I really liked that answer, so I began to work on beads using this theme of colors.
Here's what I made as my first piece of Hope Jewelry.
I tried to use the suggested colors, mixing and matching them as I went.
I wore this necklace today, and I received many compliments on it.
I really do like it.
My first Hope necklace.
I had extra beads left over.  I made these Hope Earring with them.
These earrings, and I do think it's the color combinations,
made me smile.
I mean, I looked at them, and I really smiled.
What a gift.
I do like this jewelry.
If you were to see Hope as a color,
what colors would you see?


Lisa @FishyFaceDesigns said...

firery sunsets... would be my choice...right after hope....HOPE to give us the power to get "started" and firery sunsets to explode on the scene!
Your pices were simply bright beautiful and HAPPY!
Take care,

Noemi said...

Orange. Orange is bright, full of fun. Hope is happiness to come, and orange is a color that makes me smile thinking of spring, telling me that summer is coming soon.
Orange has always been in my life (I'm from Seville) and when you smell the orange tree blossoms, it just makes you stop in time, and there is no problem that bothers me right then.
So definitely orange and white thinking on the orange tree blossoms are the perfect combination for hope.
By the way, what a fantastic job you have done with your bracelet and earrings. THey are fun!

Sharon Driscoll said...

I'm with Lisa and Noemi! My favorite color is Orange and Red trips my trigger in second place. They are warm colors - like love - and passion - like a hot summer day, bright flowers, and fiery sunsets. It's a "look at me" color like the morning sunrise. Make some tangerine beads with bright pops of sky blue...: - ).