Monday, May 23, 2011

How Did I Get so Lucky? Why Was I So Blessed?

These statues of the "Peanuts" Gang are found all over the Minneapolis, St. Paul area.
This statue of Lucy is situated outside of the hospital where Jenny will have her stem cell transplant.
When I saw her, 
I looked for 
"The Doctor is Open Sign."
There wasn't one,
so I decided I had nothing to loose and strange looks to gain by telling Lucy my troubles anyway.
Yes, strange looks I did get,
but it was well worth it!
I started to talk about my sorrows.
Lucy didn't blink an eye.
She simply stared straight ahead and listened.
Since she made no comment,
and a bubble burst in my mind.
Why was I complaining?
We live in an age where there are treatments for Jenny's cancer.
I have two wonderful adult children.
I have the perfect dog for this time in my life.
She's a little bit confused about why she isn't home and why the kitties are the pack leaders, but I think that will pass.
Even though I can't torch and make glass beads right now, 
I will be able to go back to it in a few months.
I am able to pursue other means of creative expressions.
Needle felting, wire, metal, and tin come to mind right now.
We have a roof over our heads that provides warmth when cold and cool when hot.
We have enough food to fill our stomachs.
We have wonderful friends who provide the much needed emotional support at a time like this.
The list could be longer, but I think I'll stop here.
How did I get so lucky?
Why was I so blessed?
Lucy's silence made me stop and think.
Thank you, Lucy.
No need for the Doctor to be in.
We're going to be all right.


Lisa @FishyFaceDesigns said...

What a beautiful smile, love your picture....
you are amzing...

rosebud101 said...

Thanks, Lisa, the wind was blowing and my makeup was worn off, but it was fun!

Patty said...

You are blessed because of karma, and you're a wonderful person who does a lot for others. You and Jenny are in my thoughts a lot!

Anonymous said...

hoping for all the best!