Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Betty's Bead a Symbol of My Celebration of Her Life

My friend, Betty, died last week.  She was 99 years old.
I met her when she was 79.  We've been friends for 20 years.
I will miss her dearly.
To celebrate her life, I made a bead.
I wore this bead to her wake and to her memorial service.
This is the bead I made to memorialize Betty's life.
I won't go into the symbolism only because the decorations are reminders of our friendship,
and that I want just for me.
This is the finished piece.  I love it, and it will make me always think of Betty.
Miss you, Betty!


Laney said...

Sorry about your friend, she must have been a wonderful friend for all those years. Good friends are hard to find and even harder to lose. Your bead is a wonderful reflection on your friendship. Sending you lots of healing thoughts x

kelleysbeads said...

I LOVE the bead you made to honor Betty. What cheerful colors. And I am loving your new blog banner, too!

TesoriTrovati said...

Wiping a tear away now. What a fitting tribute to someone who made a difference in your life! Love the new banner too!
Enjoy the day!