Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Working On a Dime

I joined another exchange on Lampworketc,
and this exchange proved to be a very challenging one!
The goal of the Lilliput Exchange was to make beads that would fit on a dime.
That sounds easy enough, but two beads had to fit on a dime and they couldn't just be simple spacers,
they had to have some decoration to them.
That was extremely hard to do.
I knew I could make spacers that small all day, but they had to have some kind of decoration on them!
Anyway, this is what I will be sending in to Amy!

These two Tiger Beads fit on the dime.
These four Tiger Beads fit on a dime!
Now that's small!
These two skulls fit on a dime.

These skulls fit on a dime, too!

These four skulls fit on a dime!

Now, here are the beads that aren't going to Amy.
They didn't have the detail that was needed!
Neither did these, but they did fit on a time.

This exchange forced me out of my comfort zone.  I'm glad about that!  I learned to appreciate these teeny tine beads and the people who make them well even more.
When have you been pushed out of your comfort zone?
Do you think it helped you to grow?
I know this exchange helped me to grow!
On top of that, it was fun!


Shirley said...

Oh man, I love those teeny tinies! The Bead Soup party has definitely forced me out of my comfort zone, and the color challenges that I have participated in have as well.
Love your new banner!!

TesoriTrovati said...

Such a cool challenge in scale! I love the fact that you have such control over the flame that you can make something that tiny. I love these! Enjoy the day!