Saturday, September 3, 2011

Thoughts on changing seasons, skulls, tutorials, lucet cords, and my beautiful Pixie Marie. It's long, but it's worth the read!

The seasons are beginning to change.
Here, there are a few small spots of leaves already turning yellow.
Soon, they will all be the glorious colors we know as fall!
This means the holidays will be coming up soon,
much sooner than we might like,
but it's happening!
Fall always makes me think of Halloween.
As a kid, I loved the holiday.
Who doesn't love free candy and treats?
Now, I still love free candy and treats, but I have a hard time with Halloween.
I don't know why.
I can't seem to make beads that go with the holiday.
However, she said, one bead I make any time of the year, but seem to load up in my Etsy store this time of year are skulls.
Look at this one!
There's such a worried look on what's left of its face. Once covered in leaves, it only has a few left and they are changing colors.  I like this little guy! 
He's so melancholy, and he speaks to my heart!
I have a Tiger skull in my shop, too, but that guy doesn't look as good as he does in person!  He's also very big!  I think he's a bit happier, too!

I've been playing with my lucet, too
Look at the great yarn I found the other day!
It's bamboo and silk.   Look at the cord it made.  I love it!
I've decided that when it comes to lucet cords, I like them in multiples with a lot of texture rather than in singles.  Even this bamboo and silk cord will look better combined with other colors, I think.
What do you thnk?
I'm making these cords to go with a bead I made to honor my neighbor and dear friend who died day before yesterday.
I plan to wear the bead and cords to her memorial service and her wake.
I want her to know that she brought a lot of joy into my life.
I'll show the necklace when I am finished with it.
I will miss Betty.
I already do.

I made a decision last week, and that decision was to begin featuring tutorials in my Etsy Shop.
I listed this one a couple of days ago.

It's a tutorial for some cool, dangly earrings.
It's had a lot of views, but, so far, no one has purchased it.  Well, it will happen.
I plan to have another one in my store next week.
It will combine fiber beads to make some funky jewelry.
Just wait and see.
We all need things to do when the weather cools off.

I'm looking forward to the cooler weather, not the cold and snow and ice.
With the cold and ice, I stay in more. 
Pixie will like that.
As much as she likes to w-a-l-k,
we can't do it that much in the winter.  
Well, right now we will look to the fall.
Here's my sweet girl.

Since I adopted her in September, I'm going to have a different photo of Pixie on Facebook and on my blog to share my joy!
It will be 2 years at the end of this month!
Okay, thoughts are over for now.
What are you thinking about as the seasons begin to change?


Beadwright said...

Great post. I love the photo of Pixie.

kelleysbeads said...

That lucet cord is cool and I can't wait to see pics of what you make in other colors, as well as the necklace you're making to honor Betty. I'm sorry for the loss of your friend.

I love the changing colors of the trees in fall, but I wish I could hang onto our summer temps year round. I love the heat :)

Shirley said...

I love the lucet cord! I agree it will work well with some others to set it off. I am very sorry for your loss, and I hope that wearing the necklace will become a sweet remembrance of your friendship. Fall means a welcome relief from humidity and mosquitos here! And all my favorite colors.