Monday, September 26, 2011

Racing for the Cure: Multiple Myeloma, you don't know how much money was raised today to fight you!

Phelan Park has a beautiful lake in it!

There's Nick waiting in line to register for the race today.

There were lots of activities for everyone including vendors who made jewelry and gave all their proceeds to the Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation.

This is what I bought! 

Nick was racing for Jenny again this year.  You can see more of the vendors in the back ground.

Nick's buddy, Bobby, also joined Nick in racing for the cure.

A lot of the teams had their own tents and were selling for research.

Here are Nick, Jenny, and Bobby just before the race started.

There are Nick and Bobby at the starting line!

I wish I could show you how long the line was for this run/race!  I  was so touched by all the people who came out to run or support those in the race!
Do you see the people in the blue shirts?  These are people with multiple myeloma who are walking in the race.

Nick and Bobby made good time in the run, although a 12 year old boy finished before them.

The race was over, and Nick was tired, but, approximately $160,000 was raised at this race for research for a cure for multiple myeloma!
And it was a gorgeous autumn day!

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Maggie said...

I always get so choked up when I do walks like that. So much hope, so many emotions. Looks like a glorious day! Love the happy faces on Jenny and Nick. You've got keepers! Great bracelet! That's the type I've been making, want to make a long one like yours still.