Tuesday, September 13, 2011

I'm Finally Feeling the Autumn Blues

As I write this, it's 88 degrees and very humid outside.
Thank heavens for air conditioning!
Tomorrow, which is really today, the weather is changing, 
we will be lucky to hit 70 degrees!
The next few days will leave us struggling to hit 60 degrees!
How quickly the weather can change!
Okay, I'm ready for fall!
I've struggled with the glass trying to make things that are autumn-ish.
I finally threw in the towel, but not in the flame, and pulled out the polymer clay.
Guess what,
my fall muse has arisen from the depths of summer!
Look what she commanded I make!
How about some pumpkins!
There are the rich, golden ones that are ready to be picked.
There are also the "Ghost" pumpkins that ready for the table.
Need acorns?  These really do look real, don't they?
And these are the "ghost" acorns.  I do like them!  They look better in person than in the photos.
I guess I'm ready for fall.
I need a change of season now.  I am tired of the heat of summer.  Ideally, I'd like the warmth of spring all year round, but....
Minnesota weather just isn't like that!
At least now, you know, I'm ready for fall.

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