Wednesday, February 8, 2012

And then there were Seven!

This started out with 13 beads stuck on a mandrel.
Thirteen must be my lucky number!
Slowly but surely, they are being worked off the mandrels.
Of the 13, I am anticipating that I might loose 2-3 of the stuck beads, if all goes well.
As I write this, the last 7 beads are in the freezer again.
I'm glad I have extra time on my hands right now.
The beads that were on the mandrels might have been smashed.
These mandrels are beat up, and they should be!
I'm hoping to be more gentle with the others, but maybe not.
So, it's 6 down and seven to go!
Stay tuned for more mandrel drama!


Jane Perala said...

I find if I soak the stubborn ones in soapy water overnight it sometimes helps...... sometimes not - lol!

Lori Anderson said...

There are some cool beads there!!!