Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Easy Peasy Wire Earrings with Posts Tutorial

Generally, when I wear earrings, I prefer to wear earrings that hang on wires.
Sometimes, the design of an earring doesn't lend itself to a wire.
Here's an example.
These earrings work well with posts instead of wires.
Now here's how you make them.
I can make a pair in about 10 minutes after I organize my supplies.

You need these tools:  a ruler, wire cutters, round nose pliers, and (not shown) a file or an emery board to smooth the edges.
I used both 18 gauge wire to make the earrings.  I also used 20 gauge wire, but I liked the 18 gauge better.
 Cut 2 pieces of wire 4 1/4 inches long.

File the ends smooth and make one loop at the end of each wire.

Line your round nose pliers next to the wire. 

Bend the wire up at this point on each wire.

This is what your wire should look like.
Again, line your round nose pliers up next to the wire.
Make a bend in each wire.
This is what your wire should look like.  Continue lining up the round nose pliers next to the last bend.
Make another bend.
The following pictures are what your wire should look like as you continue to make bends.
Keep bending that wire!
When your wire looks like this, you stop bending.

Make sure your last bends in the wire are the same length.  If not trim the wire and smooth with your file.

Line up your round nose pliers with the first bend and bend the end of the wire up.

This is what your earrings look like at this point.

Bend the wires up.
Your earrings are finished!!!!
Add earring backs, and you are done!
See, didn't I tell you, they were easy?
Enjoy your new earrings!!!


Sharon Driscoll said...

Cool Mallory! Nice tutorial...

imVaso said...

thanks for sharing! Your blog is great!!