Saturday, February 18, 2012

Bent Mandrels

I showed this picture in a previous blog post.

Altogether, I had 13 beads stuck on mandrels.
I thought the problem was due to bead release that, for whatever reason, wasn't working.
Then, as I worked to release the beads from the mandrels,
I found this to be the problem.
Bent mandrels were causing my beads to stick to the mandrel.
Most of the bends were near the tip.
Of the 13, I lost 3 and had to break them.
I was able to rescue ten beads.
After the rescue, I sort my mandrels, 
and I pulled the bent ones and bent them more.
When I get a chance, I will chop off the ends, grind down the new ends, and put them back to work.
I hate bent mandrels!

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Sharon Driscoll said...

Let's try this again! :-)
I hate bent mandrels - but I like you!