Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Gentle Giant Has a Name!

Meet the "Gentle Giant."  His name is Dell, like the computer, he says, but without the money!

If you remember THIS POST about our first meeting with this gentle giant, you will remember how much I admired Dell because, in spite of what life dealt him, the Gentle Giant, now known as Dell, faced life making lemonade instead of feeling bitter about the lemons.

Dell used to be a machinist.  With no warning, Dell was struck down by a stroke.  He lost 10% of his brain function so that he could no longer earn a living as a machinist.  His recovery was long and painful.  He told me that one day as he was wallowing around in his grief, he told his mother, "I love 10% of my brain."  She told him, "Good grief, son!  You have 90% of your brain left!"  That was a life changing moment for Dell.  He realized he DID have 90% of his brain left and a whole lot of living to do!

Today, Dell works as an Ambassador for the University of Minnesota's Fairview Hospital where Jenny had her stem cell transplant.  Dell meets and greets and escorts and gives hope to so many of those he sees every day.  He saw Jenny, yesterday, when she had her 1 year checkup.  (Can you believe it's been 1 year since Jenny's stem cell transplant?)  Dell smiled when he saw Jenny.  He said, "You are looking so good!  Your eyes have always been full of life, and they are today!  You look like you're feeling really good, too!"  Of course, we both smiled.  Later Dell saw me in the hall and he told me how proud he was of me!  He said, "Without you Moms, we couldn't make it." 

What an amazing man is this Gentle Giant!


angelinabeadalina said...

Hey, what great timing for me to catch up with blogging again...I remembered the Gentle Giant story and always wondered if you got to know more about him. What a great guy he must be, because you can feel the positive energy in that smile. P.S. He's right about wonderful moms like you, Mrs. M :)

Right Turn ArtWerks said...

I love the Gentle Giant story Mallory. Frankly, when my hip and knee hurt I close my eyes and think of what it might feel like not to be able to stops any need to whine about aching parts. It always helps to consider your assets, which are usually huge compared to the deficits. :-).
Have a great day wonderful woman!