Thursday, June 21, 2012

The Popcorn Bracelet

It's no secret!
I love popcorn!
I also enjoy making popcorn beads!
I made this bracelet to take with me to the Bead and Button Show,
because I was hooked on red and purple at the time,
I didn't take it with me.
So, I just want to show you the bracelet and encourage you to make one of your own.
It doesn't have to be like mine.
You can design it any way you like.

It's fun to wear, too.

Now, I don't have the photos to show you, but here's how you make it.
You are simply stringing the beads on to the beading wire.
I made 18 popcorn beads.
If you know someone who makes glass beads, or if you make them,
 a quick tutorial on how I make these beads.

You will also need 
21 4mm bicone crystals
The amount might vary depending on your wrist size.
You need a clasp.
I love my toggle clasps.
You will also need beading wire and two crimps.
Crimp covers are optional.

Begin by adding 1 crimp bead and one piece of your toggle to the wire.
Crimp your toggle in place.  
Add and alternate one crystal and one popcorn bead until the wire is a fit for your wrist.
I needed to add 3 more crystals before I added the other crimp and toggle piece.
Add the other end of your toggle and crimp it into place.
Optional:  Cover your crimps with crimp covers.
Ta-Da!  You are finished, and you have a fun bracelet to wear!

I hope you enjoy this!!!


Sharon Driscoll said...

I knew I liked you. Popcorn is my absolutely favorite hands down treat. LOVE IT! Cute bracelet.

Cristina said...

I love it!! jejej beautiful and great idea!