Sunday, June 10, 2012

You know how it is when you get to see a friend from first grade?

Antoinette, aka Toni, and I realized today that we had been friends since the first grade at St. Mary's Catholic School in Albuquerque. We were both 6 at the time. I won't tell you how long it's been that we have known each other, but it's been a long time! Happily, today, we were able to reconnect on this, the last day of the Bead and Button Show. Antoinette married right out of high school and moved to Milwaukee. We reconnected through the years when we would run into each other while we both visited ABQ and a couple of class reunions. It was always nice to see each other. Today, we had a great visit! Antoinette graciously drive me around Milwaukee and we had lunch outside. It was fun. We caught up on each others' lives, and, because of Toni, I was able to reconnect with a former neighborhood from our old ABQ days. Thanks for everything, Antoinette!

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