Monday, June 25, 2012

Naos - Amber Van Meter: Kind, Generous, and an Amazing Artist

Amber Van Meter, aka Naos, is one of those artists who has developed a unique style in her bead making.  
This style makes fellow makers drool with envy.
(I'm included in that group!)
Look at this beautiful set!
See what I mean?
You can find this in Amber's Etsy Store.

 This is another set in Amber's Shop.

See this amazing set of beads?
I have tried for a long time to figure out how to make them.
I've not had much luck.
A week ago, Amber posted a "free" tutorial on how to make them on Lampworketc.
In an age when there are so many wonderful tutorials ready to be purchased,
Amber freely shared the information on how to make this style of bead!
She even stated that she expected to see more beads like this in the gallery.
Thank you for this generous gift, Amber!
 I almost forgot!

This isn't the first time that Amber has shared her technique on how to make beads, and,
again, she shared freely.

 These beads are called Fire Opals.
Yes, she did it with these, too!
Amber shared her special technique for making these Fire Opals.
Thank you, Amber!

 Look at these discs!
Amber has a unique style in her bead making.
She's a very successful bead maker, too!
I know that I drool when I see her beads!
Oh, here's where you can find these beads.

Other places to find Amber:

Amazing, isn't she?
Thanks, Amber, for all you do for the glass community!

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angelinabeadalina said...

Mallory, thanks for all you do to promote fellow artists!
Amber, you are awesome! Thank you for all the encouragement you freely spread among your fellow artists! Your work is amazing, and your photography is ya!