Monday, July 7, 2014

Fruit Flies One, Me None

See it? A little past 11 O'clock in the photo.  It's a fruit fly.  Last night, I was swatting them away, so I cam upstairs and googled it:: How to get rid of fruit flies.

I found a lot of links with the same recipe.

Fermented vinegar
A drop of dishwashing liquid
A bowl. 
If you happened to have them, a rotting banana or piece of fruit.

I had them all, so I poured the fermented (not white) vinegar in the bowl.  I put the drop of dishwashing liquid on my finger and rubbed it on the top of the vinegar to  break the water barrier.  (Fruit flies are too light and will escape because they can float on the water.)  I added a couple of chunks of brown banana.  I put the bowl on the counter, turned out the light, and waited.  In the morning, I came down to find this:: 1 fruit fly, one.  I don't know where the others went, but, at least, the recipe worked.  I caught one fruit fly.  Now, I have to look up:: How to get rid of ants.  More to follow on that.

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Kokopelli said...

White vinegar works the same. Also Grape Juice. The important Thing is the Soap, so the flies drown. Caught many of them the last days. :)