Tuesday, July 22, 2014

What I Learned From Annette Nilan Today!

Today started out as a normal day.
Then, something happened.
I communicated with Annette Nilan!
I had been lucky enough to win this bead in an auction on Facebook.

Isn't it great?
So, as I held my treasure in my hand, and I looked at the other side, 
is what I saw.

Annette had branded her work!
Love it!

I asked her how to do this, and she told me.
What a sweetheart!

First you need this::
Well you don't need the enamel glitter,
I just saw
You can use a plain enamel paint.
It has to be enamel paint.

You also need a small paint brush or toothpick
and a small plate or container to hold your paint.

You also need a bead or beads.

Then you begin by dipping the brush in paint and paint your logo or brand on a small spot on the bead.
Then you bake at 350 for 30 minutes!
Easy Peasy.
 OK, I'm not as good as Annette, so if you want to see her work,
You won't be sorry!
Thanks, Annette!!!

1 comment:

Shaiha said...

Personally if I recieved a focal bead that could be turned either way, I would be really annoyed if one side was signed.