Wednesday, July 16, 2014

How to Make Your Own Hoola Hoop, and I did!!!

My friend Cori is an amazing glass artist,
one of the most creative people I know.
Oh, look,
Here are some of Cori's beautiful pendants.
All I can say is


Isn't Cori's work AMAZING!!!!
I don't think that's an issue, but on with the story of the 
Hoola Hoop!

Last night, in a discussion on Facebook about using a Hoola Hoop to get low impact exercise, Cori posted the instructions on how to make your own Hoola Hoop.

You know how I love pink?
Well, my new Hoola Hoop is Pink.  
And yes, it does work!!!

Cori posted the link to the site where she found the instructions on how to make your own hoola hoop.
The site is called
Take a look at the link, and you'll learn how easy it is to make a
Hoola Hoop!
I followed these directions, and I covered my hoop with hot Pink Duct Tape.
Cool, huh?
Now, I feel good about getting the 
Hoola Hoop to ride my waist for a while.
What I didn't know was that there are moves, with names, that you can do using your 
Hoola Hoops.

Here's the link to all of these different moves!

And there are even more videos on the YouTube.
Just do a search on 
Deanne Love

Say thank you to 
She's quite a gal!!!

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