Tuesday, July 8, 2014

When You Shop FaceBook For Beads....

Here are a few things you can do to help your friends (Ahem, people like me...) even if you just want to look at the eye candy in the groups.

BTW, you can find this bead

1) Like the beads.   Just Hit the like button.  That helps.  However, in order to get the listing to the top of the pile, it's even more important to

2) COMMENT, even if you just put a heart or smiley face or the word, BUMP.  The Comment will take the bead up to the top.

And remember, there is gorgeous eye candy to see.  If you have the funds, the best thing is to

3) PLACE A BID.  That is THE most helpful way to help a friend. 

If you want to join Artisan Lampwork Beads for Sale,  I'm a mod there.  I'll let you in, even if you just want to look at the eye candy. 

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Sharon Driscoll said...

Very good explanation!! : - )