Saturday, July 19, 2014

Listing Saturday. Reasons to List

Listing is quick.

You can use short sentences or phrases.

Less editing.

You can write faster.

You still make sense.

 No one wants to read your lists.

You can make your lists long or short.

Life is all about lists.

You have more time to do other things.

You can use a notebook.

You can take a nap and then resume.

A list is easier to delete or throw away than a novel.

Even if you loose a list, you can write a new one.

Each list is unique.

You can cross off or delete items as you finish them.

If you complete your list, it does not exist.

You can keep multiple lists going at the same time.

Some lists never die, they only transform.

Instant gratification if you complete one item on your list.

If you find one list you lost, then you can start all over again.

Lists are like a mini history of your life.

Lists will never write themselves.

If you loose your pencil or pen, the list does not exist only a thought that will probably fade away quickly.

If your pen does not work, you don't need to write a list.

You can make a list with drawings.

Your list is you and no one else.

"I List, therefore, I am."
Erma Bombeck 

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