Saturday, July 5, 2014

Listing Saturday:: Things I Never Dreamed I'd do

I never dreamed I'd live in Chicago, but I did for ten years.

I never dreamed I would be a widow.

I never dreamed I'd own a former racing dog who would be an excellent therapy dog.

I never dreamed I'd marry a man who would become an FBI agent.

I never dreamed I'd get over my fear of driving in big cities.  Well, I sort of got over it.

I never dreamed I'd EVER visit, much less spend 2 excruciating years in North Dakota.

I never dreamed I'd ever visit, much less finally settle in Minn-E-snow-at!

I never dreamed that my dog and I would be involved in hospice care.

I never dreamed I'd be a high school special ed teacher for 1 year, much less 14 years.

I never dreamed I’d dye my hair red for the 4th of July, but I did, and I love it!

I never dreamed I'd retire from teaching and never look back.

I never dreamed I'd become a Lampwork glass bead maker.

I never dreamed that I would make and meet so many wonderful artists who work with glass.

I never dreamed I'd own, much less actually want, a computer.

I never dreamed, after I saw my first computer which took up an entire room and spit out cards, that I would own a computer that would fit in my hand and I could carry in my pocket or purse.

I never dreamed I'd become a part of an artist community and love it!

I never dreamed I’d dye my hair pink, but I did, and I love it!

I never dreamed I’d love to mow the lawn, but I do!

I never dreamed I’d travel half way around the world, by myself, on a pilgrimage, but I did!

I never dreamed I’d sing at church, but I do.


Sharon Driscoll said...

Mallory - that picture with the glasses (Are those new ones?) I just love it. To me it is so YOU! The hair has a loose but not messy is happy hair and not just the color. You have a smile that is so real and content. To me - this is the Mallory that is my friend. Not contrived, just a real, secure, and happy person. That pictures covers so much of who you are. Keep that one around for awhile!

Liz E said...

Life is a wonderful journey of things we know, hings we think we know, and things we don't know at all. Stepping outside that comfort zone, venturing into new territory, is so exciting and important. Always dare to dream!