Tuesday, December 1, 2015

I call Them Scribbles, and they are fun and relaxing to make. Easy Peasy tutorial.

This was my first
She looks a little bit goth to me.
She took me where she wanted to be.
I've made a lot more since then, and I'm going to show you how I do this process.

I use a program on my 
so this has become digital art.

I find the process relaxes me as much as coloring does.

You don't have to use a mobile device.
You can use paper, pencil, crayons, whatever you like.
Here are the steps.
Each face, animal, bird will be unique

1) Make a scribble.
2) Begin to add details.
3) Add a little bit of color.
4) Define the color with accent colors.

5) Begin to add the hair.
6) Add contrasting colors to the hair and face.
7) Fill in with more contrasting colors.
8) You have made a Scribble Face!

Easy Peasy!
More later!
Let's see what you do with this.

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