Monday, December 7, 2015

Things I love in December

1) Glitter.  Since it's so dark in December, glitter adds a touch of sparkle to the air.  Even the snow, when the moon is full, glitters.

2) Christmas Eve and Christmas Day!
They are good days for us as a family.
We eat.  We open our gifts.  We go to Church.

3) The arrival of the Winter Solstice on December 22.  From here on out the days will be longer, and, we know, spring is on the way!

4) Special foods for the holidays.  I make posole, tamales, and monster cookies.  They bring a smile to my face.

5) Curling up, under a warm throw, reading a book or coloring or drawing.

6) Not leaving the house on a snowy day, unless I have to leave, and just...See #5.

7) Thinking about goals for the New Year.  I know I don't want to loose weight again!

8) Making Christmas phone calls, even if it's on New Year's Eve.  How blessed we are to talk with our loved ones

9) Taking pictures!  I take a lot of pictures!  I wait for photo deals on books, then pack them into a book so that we can all remember.

10) Memories.  Hopefully, most of our memories are good, but not all of them are, so I sort through them,  and I dispose of the ones I don't want, and smile at the good memories.  No matter what happens in the New Year, these memories keep me smiling.

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