Thursday, December 10, 2015

I don't Know if You've seen the Video on Facebook...

It's the video on making a wreath out of 
Christmas balls.
Look it up.
It's easy to do.
I added another decoration to the Hoffman House 
Christmas decorations.

The problem is that you need 
a lot of
to make the wreath.
I went to the dollar store.
That helped.

Here's the pile of balls.
They really are pretty.

You can see the video on 
You Tube,
but I don't have the link.

Just do a search..
You can probably even figure it out.
You just need a wire hangar, Xmas balls, and some ribbon.

Here's my finished wreath!
I like it!

I'll tell you a secret, too.
I had enough balls to make another decoration,
but it's not a wreath!
I'll show that as soon as I can find a place to hang it.

Trust me,
this wreath is easy to make.
It's pretty when it's finished.
Go for it!

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