Monday, December 14, 2015

Pixie Gets a Massage

Becca is certified in animal massage.
I'm so lucky to take Pixie to a vet clinic where there is the option of alternative treatments for chronic conditions.
Pixie has a lumbar stenosis.
That's why she was dragging her leg and foot on Thanksgiving Day.
She was also in severe pain.
Thanks to good medication, Pixie has been able to become mobile again with very little pain.

The Minnesota Valley Pet Clinic
also offers 
laser treatments and massage for their clients.
After three laser treatments which helped Pixie,
we decided to add massage.
Enter Becca.

Becca was recently certified in animal massage.
At first, Pixie was reluctant to go to Becca, so I stayed in the room and encourage Pixie.
Pixie was kissing Becca and physically relaxing around her.
Soon, Pixie was almost purring.
It was a good session for Pixie.
It helped her.
She jumped into the car.  We drove home, and she slept soundly the rest of the afternoon.
Yes, I am impressed.
We have to have a little time between massages, and that's fine.
I see her having two massages between now and the end of the year.
One massage will be given before Jenny and kitties come back for Christmas.
One massage will happen when Jenny and kitties leave after Christmas.
Yes, she is spoiled.  I'm just happy I'm able to afford this treatment for her.

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