Thursday, December 17, 2015

Not Every Christmas is Perfect...10 Memories of an Imperfect Christmas

 A Christmas Ficus
Yes, that was one of the memories of one of our most imperfect Christmases.

It was the year that no one would go up to the attic and bring down the big, bulky artificial Christmas tree because no one like dit.

It was the year the kids refused to go out with us on a freezing cold day to cut a fresh tree.

It was the year that as we were driving back with the Christmas tree tied to the top of the van,
people were pointing at us and laughing.

It was the year that my husband tried to bring in the beautiful, 6 foot Christmas tree, and we couldn't get it through the door.

It was the year that as he cut the tree down, farther and farther, we all stood  looking in astonishment, as the tree became shorter and shorter.

It was the year that the beautiful, fresh Christmas tree finally made it in the door at the height of 2 feet 8 inches.  We measured it.

It was the year that even though the tree was so short, no tree holder that we owned, would hold up the tree.

It was the year that the beautiful tree ended up waiting for the garbage on the day it was purchased.  Garbage collection was the next day.

It was the year that we all looked at the ficus tree, strung the lights, hung the ornaments, and put the presents under the "Ficus" Christmas Tree.

It was the year people asked, "What the heck was with that tree?"

We just smile.
It was an imperfect Christmas with wonderful memories!


Celeste Kemmerer said...

I am beginning to appreciate some of my more imperfect Christmas memories--such as the time when between the small children and the cats the tree ended up wearing only lights.

rosebud101 said...

Oh, Celeste, that sounds like a wonderful memory!