Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Around The House....

Another Christmas decoration has been put up,
I think I'm going to have to move it.
The decoration appears to be 
growing out of 
St. Michael's head.
I really like it, though.

Joy has found a place to dance!
I like Joy!

Since I've been sick,
Pixie has been spending more time with me on the bed,
cuddling and comforting me.  
However, that does not mean I have any room on the bed, 
it just means that Pixie is comfortable, and I am not!

I love her anyway!

Praise is also abundant in our home.
I like the way Praise came out!
She's a lovely lady!

Fred found a window where he can watch the world.
He's very happy in this window.
Can you believe it?
I took this photo today.
Yes, the window is open.
Yes, this is Minnesota.
Yes, this is December.
'Nuff said.

That's what's going on around my house.
What's going on around your house?

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