Monday, December 21, 2015

Pixie's Christmas List

Pixie and I had a talk last night.
I asked her what she wanted for 
She gave me her list.

1) Good food!  (She said she likes it best when I cook for her.  I guess I'll be doing more of that!)

2) Only the good treats.  (I guess she deserves that.  She's 11 now.)

3) Many more ear rubs.  (Santa can arrange that.)

4) New Blankets for her bed.  (I think she's right.  She does need new blankets.)

5) For kitties to play with her.  (Well, that's one that Santa will have to work on for now.)

6) For Fred not to be so bossy.  (I call Fred the Little Gladiator.  He was found on the streets with frost bite on his toes after a long, cold winter.  He doesn't like dogs, but we will work on that one.)

7)  More good treats.  (Okay.  I think we've established that she wants only the good treats.)

8) More walks. (Walking is hard in the winter time, but we will find a way to get in more walks.)

9) More good treats.  (Okay, I get that one.)

10) All the love you have.  (She's got my heart.  That's all the love I have.)

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