Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Sparklies for the Holidays, the shortest day of the year, and more sparklies.

The holiday decorating continues in our house.
The tree is up, but I'll show that to you later because I can't find the  plug in for the lights.  
The tree is also crooked.
More to follow on that later, 
but to me,
the real fun of Christmas is the 
I went shopping.
I found these boots!
Don't you just love them???????
I do, and I bought these jeans, and

Christmas sparklies help to make my day.
Today is the shortest day of the year.
The jeans and boots will warm up my day.
Isn't this fun?
My kids just roll their eyes.
I love sparklies!
More later.
Now, I'm on my way to the hairdresser.
I hope she can help me with sparklies in my hair!

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